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Issue 151 Jul21

Issue 151

Wake Journal #151 with Tony Carroll on the cover! Pic Pocket: Mike Ennen, On Board: Josh Zentmeyer, Captured: Dylan Miller & Josh Twelker, Following: Kevin Henshaw, Angle: Steven Hahn, Trending: JD Webb, Prop Wash: Trever Maur & Cody Hesse, Inst@cam: Mitch Langfield. Learn the Textbook front flip to fakie with Erik Ruck. Plus, Weekly Grab: Renee, WWA World Rankings, and more!

Issue 150 Jul14

Issue 150

Wake Journal celebrates 150 issues! The Submissions Issue, featuring all reader-submitted photography from around the globe. Did your photo make the cut? Dylan Mitchell boosts onto the cover, Pic Pocket: Zak Stone, On Board: Jacob Valdez, Captured: Kirby Kostuk & Sylvain Antoine, Following: Andrew Adams, Angle: Jamie McCauley by Whitney Rupp, Trending: Nick Dietrich, Prop Wash: Aaron Reed & James Harold, Inst@cam: Bradlee Rutledge, learn the Textbook TS 720 with Tony Carroll. Plus, Weekly Grab: Sheridyn Fisher, WWA World Rankings, a huge bonus photo feature and more!

Issue 149 Jul07

Issue 149

Wake Journal #149 is here with Australia’s Dean Smith on the cover! With Pic Pocket: Lior Sofer, On Board: Jorge Gill, Captured: Yan Lecomte and Phil Soven, Following: Bec Gange, Angle: Thomas Gustafson, Trending: Amber Wing, Prop Wash: Tony Iacconi & JD Webb, Inst@cam: Todd Watson, learn the ollie BS 180 with the legendary Darin Shapiro. Plus, Weekly Grab: The Fox Girls, WWA World Rankings, and more!

Issue 148 Jun30

Issue 148

Wake Journal #148 is here with Danny Burnstein, on the cover! Pic Pocket with: Mike Dowdy, On Board: Taylor Renfroe, Captured: Adam Fields & Chad Sharpe, Following: Mike Ennen, Angle: Rob Snow, Trending: Josh Twelker, Prop Wash: Trever Maur & Gunnar Shuler, Inst@cam: Jimmy Trask, learn the off axis FS BS 360 with Jeff Langley. Plus, Weekly Grab: Danni, WWA World Rankings, and more!

Issue 147 Jun23

Issue 147

Wake Journal #147 is here with Bob Sichel on the cover! Also Pic Pocket: Shota Tezuka, On Board: Ange Schriber, Following: Dallas Friday, Captured: Harley Clifford & Keaton Bowlby, Angle: Ryan Hickey, Trending: Danny Harf, Prop Wash: Shawn Watson & Josh Wright, Inst@cam: Parker Siegele, and learn the Melon Crowmobe with Adam Errington. Plus Weekly Grab: Madi Louch, updated WWA World Rankings, and more!