Bret Little | Wake Journal
Issue 165 Oct27

Issue 165

Wake Journal #165 --The WAKESKATE Issue-- with Austin Pastura on the cover! Pic Pocket: Reed Hansen, On Board: Matt Manzari, Captured: Marcus Knox & Nick Taylor, Following: Matti Buys, Angle: Alex Tsibizov & photographer Artem Ermakov, Sequence: Nick Taylor, Trending: Aaron Reed, Prop Wash: Reed Hansen & Yan Lecomte, Inst@cam: Scott Byerly, Learn the Textbook HS 180 with Brian Grubb. Plus, Weekly Grab: Fox Girls, WWA World Rankings and over 50 extra bonus pages from wakeskaters and photographers around the globe! Total pages: 118

Best of 2013 Dec02

Best of 2013

More than 230 pages of all the best photos from Wake Journal in 2013. Page after page of incredible action photography, behind-the-scenes stories and interactive features.

Issue 125 Oct21

Issue 125

Wake Journal Issue 125, The Wakeskate Issue with Andrew Pastura cover, Pic Pocket: Aaron Reed, On Board: Nick Taylor, Captured: Travis Doran and Leo Labadens, Following: Austin Pastura, Angle: Clement de Premonville, Trending: Reed Hansen, Prop Wash: Josh Zentmeyer and George Daniels, Inst@cam: Grant Roberts, Weekly Grab: Niki, and get Zane'd with Reed Hansen teaching a Wake-to-Wake Late Three Shuv, among over 200 pages of exclusive wakeskating action photography.

Issue 114 Aug05

Issue 114

Wake Journal Issue 114, with Dylan Miller cover, Pic Pocket: Mike Ennen, On Board: Chad Worrall, Captured: Dylan Miller and Kevin Henshaw, Following: Ricky G, Angle: Taylor Hanley, Trending: Christian Primrose, Prop Wash: Bret Little and Chad Sharpe, Inst@cam: Josh Twelker, Weekly Grab: Becky, and get Zane'd with a Raley, among 50 pages of exclusive wakeboarding and wakeskating action photography.

Issue 96 Apr01

Issue 96

Wake Journal Issue 96, with Daniel Grant cover, Pic Pocket: Amber Wing, On Board: Dylan Miller, Captured: Bret Little and Mike Ennen, Following: Bob Soven, Angle: Tony Carroll Trending: Clay Fletcher, Prop Wash: Collin Harrington and Nicola Butler, Inst@cam: Aaron Grace, Weekly Grab: Jessica, and get Zane'd with a TS OA 540, among 50 pages of exclusive wakeboarding and wakeskating action photography.