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Issue 189 Jul13

Issue 189

Wake Journal #189 with Chandler Powell on the cover! Pic Pocket: Shawn Watson, On Board: Keith Lidberg, Captured: Ty Udell & Sean O’Brien, Following: Robby Holihan, Angle: Jeff Mathis, iCandy: Radar Lake, Trending: Darin Shapiro, Prop Wash: Carro Djupsjo & Trevor Hansen, Inst@cam: Parker Siegele, Learn the Textbook HS Wake to Wake with Shaun Murray! Plus, Weekly Grab: Fox Girls, WWA World Rankings and more! Total pages: 70

Issue 120 Sep16

Issue 120

Wake Journal Issue 120: The Shawn Watson Issue, a special extend-length profile issue on Shawn Watson, including over 80 pages of photos spanning his wakeboarding career.

Issue 58 Apr09

Issue 58

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