Clermont | Wake Journal
Issue 180 May11

Issue 180

Wake Journal #180, The Danny Harf Rider Profile! Pic Pocket with Danny Harf, On Board: Danny Harf takes us down memory lane. Captured at Lake Ronix & right side up. Following: Danny Harf, Angle with D-Block and Meddock's GoPro. Sequence: Radar Lake Island Pool. Trending: Guess who? Prop Wash: Little E. Inst@cam: Harf of course! Learn the Textbook Wrapped Nose Grab TS BS 180 with Dan-the-man himself! Plus, Weekly Grab: Fox Girls, WWA World Rankings and over 75 bonus Harf profile pages!

Issue 164 Oct20

Issue 164

Wake Journal #164 with Justin Lee on the cover! Pic Pocket: Trevor Hansen, On Board: Jimmy Trask, Captured: Tony Carroll & Dean Smith, Following: Alex Hamrick, Angle: Steel Lafferty and photographer Tyler Soden, Sequence: Clark Davis, Trending: Adam Fields, Prop Wash: Harley Clifford & Tyler Worrall, Inst@cam: Nicola Butler, Learn the Textbook Batwing with Darin Shapiro. Plus, Weekly Grab: Sarah, WWA World Rankings and over 50 bonus pages from the National Points Chase Championship!

Issue 60 Apr23

Issue 60

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