Derek Cook | Wake Journal
Issue 159 Sep15

Issue 159

Wake Journal #159 with Erik Ruck in your face and on the cover! Pic Pocket: Rusty Malinoski, On Board: Chris Abadie, Captured: Chad Lowe & Derek Cook, Following: Tarah Mikacich, Angle: Zak Stone, Sequence: Jamie McCauley, Trending: Randall Harris, Prop Wash: JD Webb & Robby Holihan, Inst@cam: Shawn Watson, and learn the Textbook mute roll to revert with Jeff Langley. Plus, Weekly Grab: Fox Girls, WWA World Rankings, and more!

Issue 136 Apr07

Issue 136

Wake Journal #136, with Tony Iaconni on the cover! Pic Pocket: Derek Cook, On Board: Trevor Hansen, Captured: Daniel Grant & Joel Bartley, Following: Harley Clifford, Trending: Kaesen Suyderhoud, Prop Wash: Arnie Watkins, & Clay Flecther, and learn a Toostie Roll with Tyler Higham in Textbook. Plus, Weekly Grab: Sheridyn, WWA World Rankings, and more!

Best of 2013 Dec02

Best of 2013

More than 230 pages of all the best photos from Wake Journal in 2013. Page after page of incredible action photography, behind-the-scenes stories and interactive features.

Issue 101 May06

Issue 101

Wake Journal Issue 101, with Austin Pastura cover, Pic Pocket: Cobe Mikacich, On Board: Aaron Rathy, Captured: Josh Twelker, Corey Miller and Josh Pennell, Following: Daniel Grant, Angle: Ben Horan Trending: Derek Cook, Prop Wash: Bob Soven and Trever Maur, Inst@cam: Bob Sichel, Weekly Grab: Renee, and get Zane'd with a TS FS 360, among 50 pages of exclusive wakeboarding and wakeskating action photography.