Gabe Lucas | Wake Journal
Issue 174 Mar30

Issue 174

Wake Journal #174 with Kevin Henshaw on the cover! Pic Pocket: Clayton Underwood, On Board: Robby Holihan, Captured: JD Webb & Gabe Lucas, iCandy: Cutun Martin, Following: Matty Hasler, Angle: Pierce Homsey and Tyler Soden, Pano: Sand Lake, FL. Trending: Chad Sharpe, Skybox: Zak Stone, Prop Wash: Louis Floyd & Grayson Hart, Inst@cam: Taylor McCullough, Untied: Drew Danielo. Learn the Textbook TS Front Roll with Darin Shapiro! Plus, Weekly Grab: Brooke, WWA World Rankings and more!

Issue 145 Jun09

Issue 145

Wake Journal #145 - The GOPRO ISSUE is here with Melissa Marquardt on the cover! Pic Pocket: Collin Harrington, On Board: Danny Harf, Captured: Daniel Powers & Reed Hansen, Following: Dieter Humpsch, Angle: Scott Byerly, Trending: Chad Sharpe, Prop Wash: Lior Sofer & Gabe Lucas, Inst@cam: GoPro, and learn a giant Stalefish with Sean O’Brien in Textbook. Plus Weekly Grab: Renee and Sheridyn, WWA World Rankings, and a 60+ page extended bonus section!

Best of 2013 Dec02

Best of 2013

More than 230 pages of all the best photos from Wake Journal in 2013. Page after page of incredible action photography, behind-the-scenes stories and interactive features.

Issue 122 Sep30

Issue 122

Wake Journal Issue 122, with Gabe Lucas cover, Pic Pocket: Reed Hansen, On Board: Phil Soven, Captured: Christian Primrose and Matt Hooker, Following: Andrew Fortenberry, Angle: Ross Gardner, Trending: Scott Byerly, Prop Wash: Dallas Friday and Bob Sichel, Inst@cam: The Boarding School, Weekly Grab: Danny, and get Zane'd with Trevor Hansen teaching a Method, among 50 pages of exclusive wakeboarding and wakeskating action photography.

Issue 108 Jun24

Issue 108

Wake Journal Issue 108, with Chris O'Shea cover, Pic Pocket: Mike Dowdy, On Board: Jason Bannatyne, Captured: Stu Shinn and Gabe Lucas, Following: James Balzer, Angle: Adam Fields, Abstract: Collin Harrington, Trending: Austin Hair, Prop Wash: Nick Jones and Josh Twelker, Inst@cam: Kevin Henshaw, Weekly Grab: Jessica, and get Zane'd with Jimmy Trask doing a BS 360, among 50 pages of exclusive wakeboarding and wakeskating action photography.

Issue 103 May20

Issue 103

Wake Journal Issue 103, with Dieter Humpsch cover, Pic Pocket: Trevor Bashir, On Board: Corey Miller, Captured: Adam Errington and Gordon Harrison, Following: Nick Ennen, Angle: Matt Manzari Trending: Gabe Lucas, Prop Wash: Jason Bannatyne and Bob Sichel, Inst@cam: Ben Greenwood, Medium: Mike Ennen, Weekly Grab: Brooklyn, and get Zane'd with a TS Off 360, among 50 pages of exclusive wakeboarding and wakeskating action photography.

Issue 91 Nov26

Issue 91

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Issue 87 Oct29

Issue 87

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Issue 84 Oct08

Issue 84

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Issue 78 Aug27

Issue 78

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