Glen Bowden | Wake Journal
Issue 188 Jul06

Issue 188

Wake Journal #188 with Alex Graydon on the cover! Pic Pocket: Dylan Miller, On Board: Max Van Helvoort, Captured: Josh Twelker & Harley Clifford, Following: Cory Teunissen, Angle: Ryan Watkins, Sequence: Todd Watson, Trending: Scott Stewart, Prop Wash: Louis Floyd & Austin Pratt, Inst@cam: Shredtown, Learn the Textbook HS Method with Mike Dowdy! Plus, Weekly Grab: Chontelle, WWA World Rankings and more! Total Pages: 72

Issue 156 Aug25

Issue 156

Wake Journal #156 with JD Webb on the cover! Pic Pocket: Phil Soven, On Board: Jeff House, Captured: Gunnar Shuler & Andrew Adkison, Following: Cody Johnson, Angle: Pricilla Garza & Chad Lowe, Pano: Possum Kingdom Lake, Trending: Justin Teich, Prop Wash: Ben Albright & Todd Watson, Inst@cam: Tom Fooshee, and learn the Textbook HS Mobe with Tony Carroll. Plus, Weekly Grab: Ellie Gonsalves, WWA World Rankings, and more!

Issue 120 Sep16

Issue 120

Wake Journal Issue 120: The Shawn Watson Issue, a special extend-length profile issue on Shawn Watson, including over 80 pages of photos spanning his wakeboarding career.

Issue 115 Aug12

Issue 115

Wake Journal Issue 115, the special all-girl BIKINI ISSUE with Dallas Friday cover, Pic Pocket: Will Christien, On Board: Corrie Dyer, Captured: Amber Wing and Bec Gange, Following: Nicola Butler, Angle: Melissa Marquardt, Sequence: Anna Hajek, Trending: Emily Copeland-Durham, Prop Wash: Dallas Friday and Jen GilanFarr, Inst@cam: Amber Wing, Weekly Grab: Niki & Sydney, and get Zane'd with Corrie Dyer doing a Melon 180, among 76 pages of exclusive wakeboarding and wakeskating action photography with 30 bonus pages of beautiful bikinis.

Issue 114 Aug05

Issue 114

Wake Journal Issue 114, with Dylan Miller cover, Pic Pocket: Mike Ennen, On Board: Chad Worrall, Captured: Dylan Miller and Kevin Henshaw, Following: Ricky G, Angle: Taylor Hanley, Trending: Christian Primrose, Prop Wash: Bret Little and Chad Sharpe, Inst@cam: Josh Twelker, Weekly Grab: Becky, and get Zane'd with a Raley, among 50 pages of exclusive wakeboarding and wakeskating action photography.

Issue 111 Jul15

Issue 111

Wake Journal Issue 111, with JD Webb cover, Pic Pocket: Chase Hazen, On Board: Aaron Perkins, Captured: Tony Carroll and JD Webb, Following: Reed Hansen, Angle: Dylan Miller, Trending: Mike Ennen, Prop Wash: Brodie Chaboya and Justin Fisher, Inst@cam: Jeff Langley, Weekly Grab: Becky, and get Zane'd with a Batwing to Fakie, among 50 pages of exclusive wakeboarding and wakeskating action photography.