Jeff House | Wake Journal
Issue 209 Nov30

Issue 209

Wake Journal #209, our Year 5 Season Finale, with Jacob Valdez on the cover! Pic Pocket: Tarah Mikacich, On Board: Melissa Marquardt, Captured: Josh Twelker and Courtney Angus, Following: Randall Harris, Angle: Tony Carroll, iCandy: Alex Hamrick, Trending: Dallas Friday, Prop Wash: Shota Tezuka and Erik Ruck and Inst@cam: Shane Bonifay. Learn the textbook TS Wrapped Indy BS 360 with the legendary Shaun Murray! Plus, Weekly Grab: Kylie Walton, WWA World Rankings and tons of extra bonus photos in this special season finale issue! Total Pages: 154

Issue 166 Nov03

Issue 166

Wake Journal #166 with Lior Sofer on the cover! Pic Pocket: Shane Bonifay, On Board: Darin Shapiro, Captured: Jeff House & Alex Graydon, Following: Clark Davis, Angle: Carro Djupsjo, and photographer Bradlee Rutledge, Pano: Donner Lake, CA Trending: Parker Siegele, Prop Wash: Oliver Breumlund, & Mike Sutherland, Inst@cam: Nick Davies, Learn the Textbook Front Mobe with Chad Sharpe. Plus, Weekly Grab: Emma, WWA World Rankings and more!

Issue 156 Aug25

Issue 156

Wake Journal #156 with JD Webb on the cover! Pic Pocket: Phil Soven, On Board: Jeff House, Captured: Gunnar Shuler & Andrew Adkison, Following: Cody Johnson, Angle: Pricilla Garza & Chad Lowe, Pano: Possum Kingdom Lake, Trending: Justin Teich, Prop Wash: Ben Albright & Todd Watson, Inst@cam: Tom Fooshee, and learn the Textbook HS Mobe with Tony Carroll. Plus, Weekly Grab: Ellie Gonsalves, WWA World Rankings, and more!

Issue 146 Jun16

Issue 146

Wake Journal #146 is here with Josh Zentmeyer on the cover! Pic Pocket: Ange Schriber, On Board: Dary Znebel, Captured: Darin Shapiro & Jimmy Lariche, Following: Trever Maur, Angle: Jeff House, Trending: Parker Siegele, Prop Wash: Marc Rossiter & JD Webb, Inst@cam: Corrie Dyer, learn the lip slide with Erik Ruck in Textbook. Plus Weekly Grab: Yaya, WWA World Rankings, and more!

Issue 100 Apr29

Issue 100

Wake Journal Issue 100, with Daniel Watkins cover, Pic Pocket: Harley Clifford, On Board: Mike Ennen, Captured: Chad Sharpe and Raph Derome, Following: Erik Ruck, Angle: Trevor Hansen Sequence: Jimmy Trask, Trending: Melissa Marquardt, Prop Wash: Jeff Langley and Jeff House, Inst@cam: Phil Soven, Ballast: Chris O'Shea, Bret Little, Jacob Valdez, Dean Smith, Josh Twelker, and Josh Palma, Weekly Grab: Jessica, and get Zane'd with a BS Tantrum, among 50 pages of exclusive wakeboarding and wakeskating action photography.

Issue 95 Mar25

Issue 95

Wake Journal Issue 95 --The JASON LEE PHOTO ISSUE-- with Jeff Langley cover, Pic Pocket: Jason Lee, On Board: Jeff House, Captured: Adam Errington and Marc Rossiter, Following: Ben Horan, Angle: Jimmy LaRiche and Adam Errington Trending: Rusty Malinoski, Prop Wash: Chris O'Shea and Aaron Rathy, Inst@cam: Jason Lee, Weekly Grab: Ellie, and get Zane'd with a TS Crowmobe, among 50 pages of exclusive wakeboarding and wakeskating action photography.

Issue 78 Aug27

Issue 78

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Issue 72 Jul16

Issue 72

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Issue 71 Jul09

Issue 71

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Issue 55 Mar19

Issue 55

Wake Journal Issue 55 featuring Nico von Lerchenfeld on the cover, Pic Pocket: Collin Harrington, On Board: Keith Lidberg, Weekly Grab: Shelley & Cristina, Following: Adam Fields, Angle: Harley Clifford, and Trending: Jeff House, among 30 pages of the best action photography in wakeboarding and wakeskating. Get the free Wake Journal app for iPad and iPhone to subscribe.