Justin Fisher | Wake Journal
Issue 169 Nov24

Issue 169

Wake Journal #169 with Louis Floyd on the cover! Pic Pocket: James Balzer, On Board: Graeme Burress, Captured: Massi Piffaretti & Phil Soven, Following: Parks Bonifay, Angle: Chad & Andy Worrall, Sequence: Reed Hansen, Trending: Tom Fooshee, Prop Wash: James Windsor & Alex Graydon, Inst@cam: Harley Clifford, Learn the Textbook Heelside FS 360 with Darin Shapiro! Plus, Weekly Grab: Fox Girls, WWA World Rankings and 60+ bonus pages to round off our SEASON FINALE issue! Total pages: 116

Issue 152 Jul28

Issue 152

Wake Journal #152 with the lovely Bec Gange gracing the cover! Pic Pocket: Scott Byerly, On Board: Mike Ennen, Captured: Austin Pastura & Josh Twelker, Following: Danny Harf, Angle: Justin Fisher, Trending: Reed Hansen, Prop Wash: Gunner Daft & Chad Sharpe, Inst@cam: Josh Palma, learn the Textbook Method with Jeff Langley. Plus, Weekly Grab: Abby, WWA World Rankings, and more!

Issue 111 Jul15

Issue 111

Wake Journal Issue 111, with JD Webb cover, Pic Pocket: Chase Hazen, On Board: Aaron Perkins, Captured: Tony Carroll and JD Webb, Following: Reed Hansen, Angle: Dylan Miller, Trending: Mike Ennen, Prop Wash: Brodie Chaboya and Justin Fisher, Inst@cam: Jeff Langley, Weekly Grab: Becky, and get Zane'd with a Batwing to Fakie, among 50 pages of exclusive wakeboarding and wakeskating action photography.

Issue 85 Oct15

Issue 85

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