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Issue 125 Oct21

Issue 125

Wake Journal Issue 125, The Wakeskate Issue with Andrew Pastura cover, Pic Pocket: Aaron Reed, On Board: Nick Taylor, Captured: Travis Doran and Leo Labadens, Following: Austin Pastura, Angle: Clement de Premonville, Trending: Reed Hansen, Prop Wash: Josh Zentmeyer and George Daniels, Inst@cam: Grant Roberts, Weekly Grab: Niki, and get Zane'd with Reed Hansen teaching a Wake-to-Wake Late Three Shuv, among over 200 pages of exclusive wakeskating action photography.

Issue 95 Mar25

Issue 95

Wake Journal Issue 95 --The JASON LEE PHOTO ISSUE-- with Jeff Langley cover, Pic Pocket: Jason Lee, On Board: Jeff House, Captured: Adam Errington and Marc Rossiter, Following: Ben Horan, Angle: Jimmy LaRiche and Adam Errington Trending: Rusty Malinoski, Prop Wash: Chris O'Shea and Aaron Rathy, Inst@cam: Jason Lee, Weekly Grab: Ellie, and get Zane'd with a TS Crowmobe, among 50 pages of exclusive wakeboarding and wakeskating action photography.

Issue 94 Mar18

Issue 94

Wake Journal Issue 94, with Trevor Bashir cover, Pic Pocket: Steffen Vollert, On Board: Clay Fletcher, Captured: Trever Maur and Daniel Powers, Following: Silas Thurman, Angle: Dieter Humpsch, Trending: Adam Fields, Prop Wash: Chad Sharpe, Inst@cam: Freddie Wayne, Weekly Grab: Niki, and get Zane'd with a TS Front Flip, among 50 pages of exclusive wakeboarding and wakeskating action photography. Get the Wake Journal app for iPad and iPhone to subscribe.

Issue 90 Nov19

Issue 90

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Issue 85 Oct15

Issue 85

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Issue 84 Oct08

Issue 84

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Issue 74 Jul30

Issue 74

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Issue 72 Jul16

Issue 72

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Issue 70 Jul02

Issue 70

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Issue 62 May07

Issue 62

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