Sean Kilgus | Wake Journal
Issue 162 Oct06

Issue 162

Wake Journal #162 with Australia’s Parker Siegele on the cover! Pic Pocket: Steel Lafferty, On Board: Tony Iacconi, Captured: Austin Pratt & Gunner Daft, Following: JD Webb, Angle: Jake Pelot, Sequence: Robby Holihan, Trending: Mike Ennen, Prop Wash: Carro Djupsjo & Graeme Burress, Inst@cam: Tony Carroll, Learn the Textbook TS back roll with Darin Shapiro. Plus, Weekly Grab: Bradi, WWA World Rankings, and more!

Issue 129 Nov18

Issue 129

Wake Journal Issue 129, with Danny Harf cover, Pic Pocket: Tarah Mikacich, On Board: Gordon Harrison, Captured: Josh Twelker and Tony Carroll, Following: Sean Kilgus, Angle: Matt Hooker, Sequence: Austin Pratt, Trending: Chad Sharpe, Prop Wash: Amber Wing and Brian Grubb, Inst@cam: Trever Maur, Weekly Grab: Niki, and get Zane'd with Trevor Hansen teaching a Wrapped TS BS Nose 360, among 50 pages of exclusive wakeboarding and wakeskating action photography.

Issue 121 Sep23

Issue 121

Trever Maur cover, Pic Pocket: Bob Soven, On Board: Chad Sharpe, Captured: Andrew Pastura and Collin Harrington, Following: Trever Maur, Angle: Jorge Gill, Trending: Josh Twelker, Prop Wash: Rusty Malinoski and Austin Pratt, Inst@cam: Aaron Reed, Weekly Grab: Ellie, and get Zane'd with Jimmy Trask doing a TS Indy Roll, among 50 pages of exclusive wakeboarding and wakeskating action photography.

Issue 88 Nov05

Issue 88

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Issue 85 Oct15

Issue 85

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Issue 74 Jul30

Issue 74

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Issue 68 Jun18

Issue 68

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Issue 59 Apr16

Issue 59

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