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Issue 160 Sep22

Issue 160

Wake Journal #160, The Brian Grubb Issue! All things Brian Grubb… Pic Pocket: Brian Grubb, On Board: Brian Grubb & Chris Garrison making magic. Captured: Old Grubb, New Grubb. Following: Brian Grubb. Angle: Bomb dropping the Red Bull plane by Joey Meddock. Sequence: Stomped wake to wake kick flip, Trending: You guessed it, Brian Grubb! Prop Wash, Inst@cam, all with Grubb! Learn the Textbook TS Shuv to Indy from the master himself. Plus, Weekly Grab: Renee, WWA World Rankings, and 55+ historical bonus pages covering decades of Grubb images from around the globe! Total pages: 114

Issue 156 Aug25

Issue 156

Wake Journal #156 with JD Webb on the cover! Pic Pocket: Phil Soven, On Board: Jeff House, Captured: Gunnar Shuler & Andrew Adkison, Following: Cody Johnson, Angle: Pricilla Garza & Chad Lowe, Pano: Possum Kingdom Lake, Trending: Justin Teich, Prop Wash: Ben Albright & Todd Watson, Inst@cam: Tom Fooshee, and learn the Textbook HS Mobe with Tony Carroll. Plus, Weekly Grab: Ellie Gonsalves, WWA World Rankings, and more!

Issue 120 Sep16

Issue 120

Wake Journal Issue 120: The Shawn Watson Issue, a special extend-length profile issue on Shawn Watson, including over 80 pages of photos spanning his wakeboarding career.

Issue 110 Jul08

Issue 110

Wake Journal Issue 110, with Pat Panakos cover, Pic Pocket: Scott Byerly, On Board: Parks Bonifay, Captured: Pat Panakos and Thomas Horrell, Following: Keith Lidberg, Angle: Letchworth & The Gang, Sequence: Reed Hansen, Trending: Kevin Henshaw, Prop Wash: Ryan Doyle, Inst@cam: Pat Panakos, Medium: Son Duong, Weekly Grab: Ellie, and get Zane'd with a TS 720, among 124 pages of exclusive wakeboarding and wakeskating action photography.

Issue 96 Apr01

Issue 96

Wake Journal Issue 96, with Daniel Grant cover, Pic Pocket: Amber Wing, On Board: Dylan Miller, Captured: Bret Little and Mike Ennen, Following: Bob Soven, Angle: Tony Carroll Trending: Clay Fletcher, Prop Wash: Collin Harrington and Nicola Butler, Inst@cam: Aaron Grace, Weekly Grab: Jessica, and get Zane'd with a TS OA 540, among 50 pages of exclusive wakeboarding and wakeskating action photography.

Issue 77 Aug20

Issue 77

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Issue 70 Jul02

Issue 70

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Issue 59 Apr16

Issue 59

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Issue 54 Mar12

Issue 54

Wake Journal Issue 54 featuring Todd Watson on the cover, Following: Andrew Adkison, Pic Pocket: Reed Hansen, Weekly Grab: Alexandra and 30 pages of the best action photography in wakeboarding and wakeskating. Get the free Wake Journal app for iPad and iPhone to subscribe.