Tom Fooshee | Wake Journal
Issue 136 Apr07

Issue 136

Wake Journal #136, with Tony Iaconni on the cover! Pic Pocket: Derek Cook, On Board: Trevor Hansen, Captured: Daniel Grant & Joel Bartley, Following: Harley Clifford, Trending: Kaesen Suyderhoud, Prop Wash: Arnie Watkins, & Clay Flecther, and learn a Toostie Roll with Tyler Higham in Textbook. Plus, Weekly Grab: Sheridyn, WWA World Rankings, and more!

Issue 133 Mar17

Issue 133

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Check out #133 with world famous surfer/songwriter Donavon Frankenreiter on the cover, with Pic Pocket: Shaun Murray, On Board: Tony Carroll, Captured: Josh Palma & Mitch Langfield, Following: Gordon Harrison, Angle: Rob Snow, Trending: Kevin Henshaw, Prop Wash: Austin Pratt & Cody Hesse, Inst@cam: Nico von Lerchenfeld, and learn the Power Spray from Darin Shapiro in Textbook. Plus Weekly Grab: Danni, the official 2014 opening WWA World Rankings, and other new interactive features.

Best of 2013 Dec02

Best of 2013

More than 230 pages of all the best photos from Wake Journal in 2013. Page after page of incredible action photography, behind-the-scenes stories and interactive features.

Issue 128 Nov11

Issue 128

Wake Journal Issue 128, with George Daniels cover, Pic Pocket: Aaron Rathy, On Board: Shawn Watson, Captured: Brodie Chaboya and Dustin O'Ferrall, Following: Todd Watson, Angle: Ben Horan, Sequence: Anna Hajek, Trending: Rusty Malinoski, Prop Wash: Cory Teunissen and Dieter Humpsch, Inst@cam: Tom Fooshee, Weekly Grab: Sheridyn Fisher, and get Zane'd with Jimmy Trask teaching a Mute HS FS 360, among 50 pages of exclusive wakeboarding and wakeskating action photography.

Issue 104 May27

Issue 104

Wake Journal Issue 104, with Amber Wing cover, Pic Pocket: Dylan Miller, On Board: Rusty Malinoski, Captured: Tom Fooshee and Dean Smith, Following: Matt Hooker, Angle: Rusty Malinoski, Holga: Andrew Adkison, Trending: Trevor Hansen, Prop Wash: Shawn Watson and Jacob Valdez, Inst@cam: Danny Amir, Weekly Grab: Jessica, and get Zane'd with a BS Wrapped 540, among 50 pages of exclusive wakeboarding and wakeskating action photography.

Issue 102 May13

Issue 102

Wake Journal Issue 102, with Tony Iacconi cover, Pic Pocket: Oli Derome, On Board: Mike Schwenne, Captured: Scott Byerly and Shane Bonifay, Following: Kevin Henshaw, Angle: Tom Fooshee Trending: Harley Clifford, Prop Wash: Shaun Murray and Steel Lafferty, Inst@cam: Reed Hansen, Weekly Grab: Sydney #1, and get Zane'd with a Whirly, among 50 pages of exclusive wakeboarding and wakeskating action photography.

Issue 84 Oct08

Issue 84

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Issue 73 Jul23

Issue 73

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Issue 68 Jun18

Issue 68

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Issue 66 Jun04

Issue 66

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