Tyler Higham | Wake Journal
Textbook Vol 2 Dec08

Textbook Vol 2

The 2nd volume of the all-instructional issue! An 80-page collection of all the best 2014 trick instructionals from Jeff Langley, Tony Carroll, Tyler Higham, Darin Shapiro, Adam Errington, Sean O'Brien, Stephen Pierce, Erik Ruck, Tarah Mikacich, Brian Grubb and Chad Sharpe. Take your riding to the next level with these quick, step-by-step, easy-to-read interactive tutorials covering everything from the TS wake jump to the Mobe 540. Class is in session!

Issue 136 Apr07

Issue 136

Wake Journal #136, with Tony Iaconni on the cover! Pic Pocket: Derek Cook, On Board: Trevor Hansen, Captured: Daniel Grant & Joel Bartley, Following: Harley Clifford, Trending: Kaesen Suyderhoud, Prop Wash: Arnie Watkins, & Clay Flecther, and learn a Toostie Roll with Tyler Higham in Textbook. Plus, Weekly Grab: Sheridyn, WWA World Rankings, and more!